MacGregor automated onboard mooring system - MOOREX

MacGregor’s auto-mooring system, Moorex, makes mooring safer. It is quick, easy and reliable and needs less manpower; it also reduces the wear of side and bow ramps, and reduces quay damage.

Traditional mooring systems, applied on high decks on relatively short berths, can lead to ineffective rope angles that are not always able to ensure that hulls are fixed securely to the quay. Moorex overcomes these issues.

Moorex comprises a self-tensioning mooring winch arrangement that can be positioned anywhere on the quay. Two units are located within the hull structure. These are flush with the ship’s side, so the direction of pull can be optimised. Two units are normally sufficient to ensure the required pulling force.

Prior to the mooring operation, wires are manoeuvred through small watertight openings in the hull and attached to shore bollards. Once activated, the Moorex systems on board auto-adjust to any ship movement, maintaining constant tension.

Moorex is a flexible option. If a vessel changes its route, the systems immediately become available as soon as shore bollards are installed at the new port of call.

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