Fish pumps and fish hose reels

MacGregor fish pumps are fitted with a new control system that offers incredibly smooth, step-less rotor revolution changes. With our new electric Fish pump system we expect significantly improved fish quality, easier and better fish pumping control, environmentally safe, no oil spill, low power and high efficiency.

Key features

Hydraulic Fish pump system:

  • Pumping capacity from 1,000 tonnes to up to 3,500 tonnes per hour
  • Maximum pumping capacity achieved between 210 and 400 l/min oil flow
  • Can be fitted to existing systems using fish hoses of between 12" to 18”


Electric Fish pump system:

  • Power consumption: 90-120KW
  • Pumping capacity, a mixture of fish and seawater (ideal 50%), up to 4500CuM, depending on lifting height 
  • Maximum Depth, 100 meter
  • Weight: 1500-1550 Kg
  • Fully Electrically Driven