Indoor net handling

MacGregor’s unique indoor net-handling system is used to efficiently and safely handle and stack the purse seining fishing net. It is one of many innovative fishing products invented by MacGregor. The net-handling system is remotely-controlled from outside the net bin; therefore no personnel need to be inside the area.

All MacGregor products can be easily assembled, operated and maintained. They are built to be robust and offer high-quality performance.

Advantages include:

  • Faster, easier and cost-efficient handling of the fishing net
  • Up lighted working area inside the vessel
  • Simple installation
  • Remotely-controlled via a portable radio control panel
  • Safer working environment on board
  • Reliable design reduces service time and downtime
  • Able to be customised according to your needs

The MacGregor indoor net-handling system is patent-protected in Norway under the patent number 320038, and internationally through the PCT number 04/00348.

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