MacGregor intermediate rollers

MacGregor’s intermediate rollers are designed to handle the net in a safe, efficient and cost-effective manner. The rollers help to maintain net alignment between the net winch and the net crane. Fewer crew members are required with the assistance of intermediate roller. They can be equipped with a hydraulically-operated press roller, to increase traction without slippage.

Models include:

  • TR-73
  • TR-123
  • TR-160

All MacGregor products can be easily assembled, operated and maintained. They are built to be robust and offer high-quality performance. Advantages include:

  • Optimal performance and cost-effective operation
  • Designed to work in harsh environments
  • Minimises wear on fishing net
  • Simple installation
  • Faster, easier and less costly maintenance
  • Provides an effective and steady pull on the net and cork line
  • Minimal deck area required
  • Safer working environment on board
  • Able to be customised according to your needs

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