MacGregor net winches

MacGregor offers the world's largest and most powerful fishing net hauling winches, with a 50-tonne hauling force.

MacGregor net winches are designed to haul-up the fishing net with full power and speed simultaneously. Maximum grip on the net, cork and lead lines is achieved as the net is hauled by three rollers simultaneously. Low-profile installations also provide excellent stability in comparison to other systems.

MacGregor net winches are supplied in a variety of sizes with a hauling power of 6 to 50-tonnes. Both hydraulic- and electric-drive net winches are available.

All MacGregor products can be easily assembled, operated and maintained. They are built to be robust and offer high-quality performance.

Advantages include:

  • Optimal performance and less costly to haul-up a fishing net; extremely efficient net pull
  • Equally distributed hauling power across the greater length and full width of the net
  • Minimised wear on fishing net
  • Designed to work in harsh environments
  • Simple installation, available for either starboard or portside installation
  • Remote-control via a portable radio control panel
  • Special tilt feature makes drying operation simple and safe
  • Improved net traction area
  • Safer working environment on board
  • Fast and easy roller replacement
  • Provides an effective and steady pull on the net and cork line
  • Minimal deck area required
  • Able to be customised according to your needs
  • Independent hydraulic or mechanical declutching of all rollers (optional)

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