Pentagon winch control system

The MacGregor Pentagon control system features all the elements needed for safe, efficient winch and equipment operation. Its layout, design, and integrated service functions have been developed from decades of experience in a variety of applications on board fishing, research and specialised vessels.


Featuring the latest ‘soft touchdrive controls, together with active heave compensation (AHC), the MacGregor Pentagon control system offers significantly improved handling characteristics.


Main advantages:

Logical menu structure, featuring all industry standard functions and including special controls for optimised capability.

  • Enhanced user-friendliness
  • The fully integrated system connects all operation panels, winch drives (electric and hydraulic) and processing units
  • The dual processing unit, giving improved redundancy levels
  • The high-quality display gives an overall view of performance
  • Safe and trouble-free operation from a high-grade marine quality PLC and state of the art computers
  • For hydraulic based drives, all pump controls are in the operational menus, with integrated power management control
  • A modular based system with easy flexibility to expand and enhance, control and data are available from anywhere on the communication network
  • Communication and distributed winch I/O minimises installation time and cable layout