3-axis motion compensation subsea crane

MacGregor’s three-axis motion-compensation technology, for telescoping or knuckle-jib cranes, offers extremely accurate load positioning during offshore wind turbine, rig supply and maintenance operations to fixed or floating offshore installations.

MacGregor’s three-axis motion-compensation technology for cranes was recognised with a prestigious industry innovation award in 2014.


MacGregor multi-dimensional compensation technology compensates for a vessel’s movements around the horizontal axes (pitch and roll) as well as along the vertical axis, using real-time sensors and a state-of-the-art control system. Standard active heave-compensation (AHC) technology uses the crane’s winch to compensate for all vertical movements. The thee-axis compensation technology ensures that the crane can securely keep a suspended load in a fixed position, even in rough sea conditions.

The crane can also be used for non-compensated general lifting operations, ship-to-ship operations, and is certified for personnel lifts with a specially-designed basket.



Standard features

  • Two-axis compensated pedestal
  • AHC winch for vertical compensation (3rd axis)
  • Operator cabin
  • 360° slew sector
  • Docking head
  • Knuckle or telescoping jib for maximum reach and flexibility
  • Winch from 5 to 20t*
  • Proven 3D technology

Optional features

  • Customised docking head with various compensation features and slewing for cargo or personnel basket use
  • Next-generation cargo/tool container
  • Next-generation personnel basket
  • Other special features available upon request
  • Heavy lift systems available upon request


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