Stand-alone offshore winch systems


MacGregor offers a wide range of stand-alone offshore winch systems, with or without an active heave-compensation (AHC) function automatic overload protection (AOPS) or manual overload protection (MOPS). These systems include hydraulic power units (HPUs), variable speed drives (VSDs) and a control system. They can be used together with an A-frame and module handling tower. Winch systems are available with a SWL up to 600-tonnes on a single line.

Normally the winch foundation will be bolted to the deck, but can be adapted to the customer's specifications.

Standard features

  • HPU or VSD
  • Control system
  • Lebus sleeves on drum
  • Control station

Optional features

  • Wire included (100-4,000m)
  • Fibre-rope on request
  • Spooling device
  • CT, AT, AHC, personnel lift and other special control functions
  • MOPS, AOPS, emergency operation modes
  • Operator cabin or control console
  • Remote control
  • Slave monitor

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