Flush station IFS-70

Clean hydraulics save money, prevent expensive maintenance and increase the uptime of the vessel. Conventional flush stations are big, complicated to handle, time consuming due to manual monitoring and documentation with varying results.

With the TTS IFS-70 you get 3 units in one; Flush-, Pressure- and Hydraulic operation. The IFS-70 is portable and easy to use with a tenfold reduction in labor associated with a conventional system for flushing and pressure testing. Flushing- and Pressure testing of installed pipes is done with the same machine - just select a mode on the user friendly touch display. The TTS IFS-70 can also be used as a conventional hydraulic pump station for operation of equipment mainly used during installation.

Time and cost effective with reliable results

The TTS IFS-70 unit shortens the installation of hydraulics by a factor of 10 times due to effective and accurate performance of the flushing and pressure test. With the TTS IFS-70 unit the result cannot be manipulated, the data is reliable and it is easy to follow the procedure on the monitor. The efficiency of the flushing performed by the TTS IFS-70 unit can also be proven through the log files that shows date, pipe dimensions, inspection result and cleanliness of the system after flushing.

Why turbulent flow?

When flushing a hydraulic system you want to obtain a turbulent flow to be sure that both pipe and oil are cleaned. This is achieved when the relationship between flow, temperature and pipe diameter is correct. All these parameters are automatically set and monitored by TTS IFS70.