November 10-12 Bow loading systems 5. gen. training course

Bow loading systems 5. gen. training course
Event location
MacGregor Academy, Arendal, Norway
Event date
November 10-12, 2020

We offer bow-loading system courses in order for you to obtain a good knowledge of the bow-loading system. These courses are designed for all crew who operate, those who are in charge, and those who carry out maintenance or troubleshooting on the system.  

Our courses are designed to increase technical knowledge and skills and meet the requirements to fully understand all aspects of the system. 

The training sessions include:

  • Introduction to offshore loading system/bow loading system
  • Safety aspects
  • Component descriptions and basic functions
  • Operating procedures for crew
  • Control system understanding
  • Hydraulic and electrical system knowledge
  • Equipment testing procedures
  • Equipment maintenance training
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Simulator training

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