Conversions for hatch covers

Convert your hatch covers to adapt to new market needs and lengthen their efficient service life. MacGregor's turnkey conversion packages are a quick and effective way to react to changes in an operational environment and ensure long-term effective cargo handling capabilities for all cargo mixes and port infrastructures.

Our conversions are designed to significantly increase cargo handling efficiency and extend the lifetime of your equipment. We take full responsibility for the design, materials and installation of our deliveries.

Examples of conversions:

  • hatch covers for ship lengthening
  • operating system conversion, for example, a transloader/selfunloader
  • additional tweendecks (panels and ship side supports)

Typical small conversions delivered by us:

  • modifying a container arrangement
  • increasing payload/container load
  • helicopter landing load calculations; hatch cover construction assessment for MTOW on helicopter landing area
  • additional lashings for special cargo
  • additional ventilation hatches
  • additional cement/grain hatches for existing covers
  • sealing upgrades or adding sealing to non-weathertight hatches

Whether they are major or minor, talk to our experts about your conversion needs and see how you could benefit.

Here you can see an example of hatch covers before and after the conversion project: