Drydocking services

We offer you smooth and cost-effective drydocking services. With the help of our pre-docking inspections (PDI) you can plan overhaul needs, spare parts and personnel. Our service engineers support you during the docking, from supervisory tasks to complete project management.

Regular PDIs provide an insight into the scope of maintenance required and repairs that need to be carried out during a forthcoming drydocking.

Benefits for you:

  • Tendering platform: the yard can quote for all necessary items in advance
  • Technical preparation: various technical alternatives can be considered to optimise the outcome
  • Spare parts management: spare parts needed for the drydocking are identified in advance to assure their availability
  • Class-relevant items: class can consider and discuss any work in advance
  • Personnel attendance: the need for a service engineer, for example, can be planned in advance to ensure availability
  • Certified inspections: MacGregor's service organisation is class-certified 

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