MacGregor Training Academy

Do not compromise on safety or efficiency. Make sure your crew and personnel know the correct way to operate and maintain the equipment installed on your ship. This is how you can maximise your equipment's lifetime, reduce wear and improve its operating efficiency and safety. It also delivers environmental benefits.

We arrange worldwide training courses for merchant and naval crews. Tuition sessions take place at our training centres or on board your vessel. We can also customise a training programme according to your specific needs and procedures.

Our training includes both theoretical sessions (for example, in hydraulic, electrical and mechanical systems, safety procedures, maintenance and spare parts and trouble-shooting) and hands-on training. You would receive a review and evaluation of the participants' performance after the completion of each training course.

Providing your personnel with full theoretical and practical VR based training courses means that you can rest assured that your equipment and systems are properly cared for and exploited to their full potential in every situation.

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MacGregor Training Academy

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