Training for offshore loading systems

Offshore loading scenarios involve various types of offshore production and storage facilities such as FPSOs, FSOs, CALM buoys, loading towers and fixed platforms. Crude oil transfer between these facilities to a shuttle tanker is carried out via the Pusnes offloading system and the Pusnes bow loading system. These operations can have a critical impact on the environment and safety, therefore properly trained crew is essential.

The MacGregor Training Academy in Norway, located close to Arendal, offers unique state-of-the-art virtual reality training for operators and maintenance personnel.

We offer client-specific crew training courses for Pusnes loading system using virtual reality training and classroom group sessions. Pusnes loading system courses are designed to increase technical knowledge and skills and meet the requirements for fully understanding all aspects of the system.

Courses are structured at a number of levels, enabling individual clients to identify an appropriate level of training for their staff.

  • Pusnes bow loading system level 1, regularly scheduled training
  • Pusnes bow loading system level 2, virtual reality/practical training
  • Pusnes offloading system level 1
  • Pusnes offloading system level 2, virtual reality/practical training

Courses include lectures, problem-solving exercises, learning activities and exams.

Virtual reality simulator training and practical sessions are designed for experienced personnel that have already participated in level 1 training courses.

On request, our level 1 courses can be arranged at locations around the world.

Benefits for your operation:

  • Operators learn to use their equipment safely and efficiently
  • Better understanding of the control system
  • Better understanding of components and technical details
  • Quicker trouble-shooting
  • Preventative maintenance extends equipment lifetime

The training sessions include:

  • Introduction to offshore loading system/bow loading system
  • Safety training and understanding
  • Component descriptions and basic functions
  • Operating procedures for crew
  • Control system understanding
  • Hydraulic and electrical system knowledge
  • Equipment testing procedures
  • Equipment maintenance training
  • Basic troubleshooting
  • Simulator training
  • Additional content by request

MacGregor delivers Pusnes loading systems, which have been offered to the market since 1977 for both simple and sophisticated operations. Our products are based on innovative, proven technology that meets customer and regulatory requirements for operational performance, safety and environmental protection.

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