Training for offshore wind energy renewable sector

Personnel training is becoming an increasingly critical factor in the safe and efficient running of a business. And nowhere is this more important than the marine and offshore industry. Good training practices can make a significant difference to prolonging your equipment’s lifetime, through right usage and maintenance, plus it can help to reduce unexpected costs.

MacGregor is recognised around the globe for delivering exceptional service support to customers wanting to optimise the performance of their equipment. To further meet our customer’s requirements, we have now introduced comprehensive training programmes for businesses operating our offshore wind energy equipment.

For the offshore wind energy sector MacGregor has developed an Operator and Maintenance training for the Colibri crane and Horizon gangway. 

To ensure safe, efficient and economical use of Colibri crane and Horizon gangway MacGregor offers a training program which covers theory(modular based e-learnings with corresponding online sessions), simulator based operator training, hands-on operator and maintenance training and Horizon gangway operator final verification test.In addition to MacGregors own course content there is also possibilities to add customer specific subjects, such as procedures and HSE subjects.

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