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Early recognition of the cargo profile and incorporating its requirements into the system planning ensures that your containership's utilisation rates and earning capabilities can be maximised.

MacGregor PlusPartner concept is a forward-thinking approach to ship design that considers all parts of the cargo handling system as a whole and works forward from the cargo profile. This must happen at an early stage of the ship project before any restrictive decisions have been made. It is then possible to optimise the specified loading ability and the efficiency of the entire cargo handling system, ensuring that an operator can carry all the available containerised trade.

For existing ships, MacGregor is able to re-think the cargo system so that it can be used to its maximum capacity on a specific route. MacGregor calls this service a Cargo Boost. The process starts by studying the ship’s cargo system with the customer and reviewing it against anticipated routes and cargoes.

MacGregor Cargo Boost

The scope of a MacGregor Cargo Boost can vary from document updates to cargo system design and hardware, to a continuous cargo system Productivity Care package, also part of MacGregor’s PlusPartner concept, which is always considered from ship’s revenue perspective.

Each MacGregor PlusPartner package is developed with you to ensure that it includes elements that are of value to you. With PlusPartner, we can guarantee that your vessel can carry the agreed number of payload containers.

Our holistic approach is new to the industry. It is not an ’order to delivery’ process, but a deeper collaborative one where all parties cooperate from an early stage, making commitments to deliver a ship with the highest possible payload capacity.

In addition to the direct benefits that MacGregor’s approach brings to the shipowner, PlusPartner also provides benefits to other parties engaged in the shipbuilding process. For example, it allows a shipyard to sell ships with optimised payload capacity, adding value to its customers’ vessels.

Record-breaking TEU loads

MacGregor PlusPartner answers the questions: How can a ship deliver the best return on its investment? Could my existing fleet benefit from MacGregor PlusPartner Cargo Boost?


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