MacGregor OnWatch

A malfunction of your equipment can cost you and your customers millions in lost revenue, emergency, rapid repairs and reputation damage. Protect your business and your personnel with our MacGregor OnWatch service.

MacGregor OnWatch gives you 24/7 access to world-leading system specialists who provide assistance via a remote access connection. Over this secure satellite link the team can analyse your system and trouble-shoot problems without a ship prematurely having to return to port .

Numerous real-life case studies prove that MacGregor OnWatch can make the difference between being down for a few hours and being down for many days. The direct costs of such a delay quickly add up. The indirect costs of a damaged reputation can be even higher.

MacGregor OnWatch is designed to:

  • Analyse data to quickly isolate problems
  • Help crew locate faulty parts
  • Identify correct parts
  • Guide repair processes
  • Detect operator errors
  • Identify incorrect maintenance
  • Guide crew through tricky operations
  • Upgrade software and fine-tune functions

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