Spare parts for deck machinery

Access to good services is essential for all businesses. MacGregor offers full support and a wide range of spare parts for all the needs and demands of your deck machinery and on-board equipment including winches, standard deck cranes, shark jaws, chain-stoppers, capstans and offshore cement bulk handling systems.

Spare parts for the following products are available when you carry out maintenance, repair and replacement projects:

  • Hatlapa equipment
  • Pusnes equipment
  • Triplex equipment
  • MacGregor Plimsoll equipment
  • MacGregor offshore cement bulk handling systems
  • MacGregor Hydramarine equipment

Spare part kits

Spares packages are tailor-made for your needs. The contents are based on years of experience with winches and customer expectations.

These packages are available either on an equipment-based (preferred) or shipset-based concept. The contents of these packages incorporate spares and consumables needed for your equipment to be operational in all circumstances at sea . These kits are customised and can be tailored to suit your requirements. There are different spare part kits available:

  • Onboard spares
  • Onshore fleet spares
  • Maintenance spare kits
  • Predocking spares

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