Spare parts for hatch covers

All hatch cover spare parts, such as seals and load-bearing pads, are manufactured to the highest MacGregor standards. They are designed to maximise efficiency and safety and come with a MacGregor guarantee with service support from our global service organisation.

Sealing solutions: Our choice of original seals and sealing systems is comprehensive. It ranges from traditional sponge and solid rubber seals to advanced panel-joint sealing solutions offering various operating capabilities and flexible cargo handling. MacGregor offers tested and proven seals and sealing solutions that mean trouble-free operations and safe cargo handling for all types of vessels.

Hatch cover components: To obtain the required safety margins and to guarantee a trouble-free operational lifetime, the hatch cover system has to be maintained as instructed, and critical spare part components, such as the hatch cover bearing pads, have to be of original design. When replacing hatch cover components, serious consequences can result if changes are made to the features originally specified for the system.

Bearing pad solutions: Using incorrect materials or ignoring the need to replace worn pads in time can lead to cracks in hatch covers and coamings within two years of operation. MacGregor’s bearing pad portfolio is comprehensive, ranging from a traditional steel-to-steel type to the most advanced solutions using the latest materials and technology. We offer tested and proven bearing pad solutions that mean trouble-free operations and safe cargo handling for all types of vessels. 

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