Breakbulk solution optimises cargo stowage and improves business performance

11 Sep 2018 Reading time calculated text

MacGregor can now offer breakbulk owners and operators a platform to optimally plan the stowage of breakbulk cargoes in a process that increases vessel and fleet utilisation rates and improves business performance. The planning work for cargo stowage can be completed in a few minutes, in comparison with traditional tools taking several hours.

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“The MacGregor breakbulk cargo optimiser is the first automated, cloud-based service for the optimised stowage of breakbulk cargos and makes full use of MacGregor’s expertise in cargo handling systems and the loading-computer expertise of Navis, Cargotec’s software business area,” says Tommi Keskilohko, Director, Customer Innovations, Cargo Handling, MacGregor. 

Currently breakbulk stowage planning mostly relies on time-consuming, manual planning processes based on the capability and experience of an individual planner or team of planners. No-shows of cargoes and last-minute changes can further add to the time it takes to complete a stowage plan. 

MacGregor’s new breakbulk solution optimises a vessel’s stowage plan by taking into consideration all influencing factors including what cargo is already on board, incoming cargoes, available cargo space, the actual capability of the cargo handling system, port rotations and vessel stability.

Pilot cases on board customer vessels have shown that the amount of cargo that can be carried can be increased substantially, which increases operational efficiency and earning potential.

Tommi Keskilohko 

“Also there are a lot of potential process improvements,” he adds. “Time-savings in planning processes and the increased availability and transparency of fact-based information are just a few of these. Reduced environmental impact is another as vessels are running at much higher capacities, which improves operational efficiency.”

The MacGregor breakbulk cargo optimiser can be used for one vessel or the whole fleet, and enables users to identify predefined key performance indicators at a ship, voyage, rotation or fleet level.

“Traditionally the utilisation rates of general cargo and breakbulk vessels are relatively low and fleet-wide utilisation measurements are rarely known or recorded,” Mr Keskilohko says. “Our aim is to help customers improve their businesses and MacGregor’s new breakbulk cargo solution is a perfect match for that.” 

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