Spare Parts

MacGregor understands the importance of your equipment and fleet availability and the need to reduce downtime. We know it is crucial to deliver timely, accurate and compliant spare parts that support and enhance your operations.

Original high-quality genuine MacGregor spare parts

We supply original spare parts and components (hydraulic, electrical and mechanical) from our strategically-located logistics centres.  Our extensive knowledge and process controls as a major equipment manufacturer mean that we can also offer customised spare parts and reliable alternatives for non-MacGregor equipment.


We offer support and spare parts for the following brands: MacGregor, Hatlapa, Hydralift, Hydramarine, Hydramaskin, Hägglunds, MTT, Navire, NMF, Plimsoll, Porsgrunn, Pusnes, Rapp, Triplex and TTS.  

Spare parts for cargo cranes

In many cases expensive downtime can be avoided if operators have quick and easy access to critical spare parts. Our emergency box contains the most essential electric, hydraulic and mechanical spare parts that will keep the crane up and running. The parts included in the emergency box have been selected by our service department, based on years of experience.

The strong aluminum box is lined with a soft, protective material that prevents parts from being damaged. It is also possible to lock the box with a padlock.

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Wire solutions for the safe operation of cranes and marine lifting equipment 

Hydraulic hose kits for hose handling cranes

Spare parts for compressors

We offer you 60 years of experience in manufacturing compressors. This expertise extends to our spare parts and can supply a wide range of water or air-cooled compressors for starting air, service air and control air systems:

  • Air-cooled compressors up to 411m3/h and final pressure up to 40 bar

  • Water-cooled compressors up to 374m3/h and final pressure up to 30 bar

  • Screw compressors up to 670m3/h and final pressure up to 13 bar

If you need spare parts for compressors other than MacGregor units, please contact us, we might be able to help you.

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MacGregor spare parts for Tanabe marine compressors

Spare parts for davits

Davits are self-contained units designed for a long-service life in the tough and corrosive marine environment. Like any machinery, they have wear parts that need replacing from time to time.

Access to expert knowledge in selecting and recommending parts ensures you get the correct, up-to-date parts with customised settings. We also offer specialist assistance in installing and configuring spare parts purchased from MacGregor.

To help you ensure that your vital rescue-handling equipment is always operational, we have developed a complete kit of spare parts and testing equipment for HMD A davits. Its contents are based on years of experience with these davits and with customers who push them hard.

Spare parts for deck machinery

Access to good services is essential for all businesses. MacGregor offers full support and a wide range of spare parts for all the needs and demands of your deck machinery and on-board equipment including winches, standard deck cranes, shark jaws, chain-stoppers, capstans and offshore cement bulk handling systems.

Spare part kits

Spares packages are tailor-made for your needs. The contents are based on years of experience with winches and customer expectations.

These packages are available either on an equipment-based (preferred) or shipset-based concept. The contents of these packages incorporate spares and consumables needed for your equipment to be operational in all circumstances at sea . These kits are customised and can be tailored to suit your requirements. There are different spare part kits available:

  • Onboard spares
  • Onshore fleet spares
  • Maintenance spare kits
  • Predocking spares

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Spare parts for hatch covers

All hatch cover spare parts, such as seals and load-bearing pads, are manufactured to the highest MacGregor standards. They are designed to maximise efficiency and safety and come with a MacGregor guarantee with service support from our global service organisation.

Sealing solutions: Our choice of original seals and sealing systems is comprehensive. It ranges from traditional sponge and solid rubber seals to advanced panel-joint sealing solutions offering various operating capabilities and flexible cargo handling. MacGregor offers tested and proven seals and sealing solutions that mean trouble-free operations and safe cargo handling for all types of vessels.

Hatch cover components: To obtain the required safety margins and to guarantee a trouble-free operational lifetime, the hatch cover system has to be maintained as instructed, and critical spare part components, such as the hatch cover bearing pads, have to be of original design. When replacing hatch cover components, serious consequences can result if changes are made to the features originally specified for the system.

Bearing pad solutions: Using incorrect materials or ignoring the need to replace worn pads in time can lead to cracks in hatch covers and coamings within two years of operation. MacGregor’s bearing pad portfolio is comprehensive, ranging from a traditional steel-to-steel type to the most advanced solutions using the latest materials and technology. We offer tested and proven bearing pad solutions that mean trouble-free operations and safe cargo handling for all types of vessels. 

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Spare parts for offshore load handling

Expert knowledge in selecting and recommending spare parts ensures you get the correct, up-to-date parts specific to your equipment. We also offer specialist assistance in installing and configuring spare parts purchased from MacGregor.

With a MacGregor OnWatch service contract you are connected to specialists who can track-down the source of a problem via remote diagnostics. If the issue demands spares these can, in many cases, be shipped immediately and will be waiting for the ship in the nearest port, or can be delivered with our attending service personnel.

Our expert team also has the best experience to recommend a strategic spare parts kit. The kit provides you with all you need to fix the most likely issues – without the job grinding to a halt. Each kit is customised to the vessel in question. Our specialists carefully select which parts are most relevant based on your specific operating conditions and our comprehensive spare parts statistics and design experience.

Contact us to learn more about how we custom-design a kit that uniquely fits your needs.

Spare parts for offshore loading systems

MacGregor's loading systems ensure the safe and efficient offshore transfer of crude oil. Loading operations involve various types of offshore production and storage facilities such as FPSOs, FSOs, CALM buoys, loading towers and fixed platforms. The transfer of oil from these facilities to a waiting tanker or shuttle tanker is carried out via a MacGregor offloading system and a MacGregor bow-loading system.

Bow loading systems

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Spare parts for offshore mooring systems

No matter what the weather, mooring systems must perform. MacGregor can support a wide range of offshore mooring equipment including anchor windlasses with chain/wire combinations, chain jacks and traction winches.

We supply customised control and monitoring systems that provide precise handling and management of a single winch or an integrated system of winches.

MacGregor also offers fairleads and fairleads with integrated chain stoppers for harsh environments, such as subsea and splash zone areas, with integrated load-measuring and position sensors.

Spare parts for RoRo equipment

We focus on the safety of your crew, your vessel and the negative impact that any downtime would have on your business.

A strategic spare parts kit on board your vessel will enable you to carry out minor repairs and regular maintenance. Contact us for a custom-designed spare parts kit that uniquely fits your needs and your vessel. We always suggest environmentally-friendly alternatives.

We deliver original spare parts and components (hydraulic, electrical and mechanical) and distribute them to any destination worldwide from our strategically located logistics centres.

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MacGregor Soft Flaps
GreenFluid HY hydraulic oil

Spare parts for selfunloaders and bulk handling systems

MacGregor offers a wide range of spare parts for selfunloading and bulk handling systems. This includes horizontal and vertical screw conveyors, bellows, pneumatic transportation valves, actuators, rollers, pulleys, belts, electric motors, gearboxes and watertight bulkhead doors.

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Services for selfunloaders

Spare parts for steering gear

The availability of essential, quality, original spare parts increases your ship’s safety and reduces expensive downtime. MacGregor offers many types of steering gear, which are backed-up by comprehensive service support and a wide range of spare parts that meet all your steering gear needs.

Our emergency box contains the most critical electronic, hydraulic and mechanical spare parts. The spare parts within your personalised emergency box are carefully selected by our experts.

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Spare parts for Voyage Data Recorder (VDR)

Thanks to a modular design, components and spare parts for MacGregor/Interschalt voyage data recorder systems (VDR G4e and S-VDR G4e) are easily and favourably replaced if necessary. Spares can be delivered rapidly through our extended worldwide service network.

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