Purpose and vision


Our purpose is to enable sustainable global maritime operations by maximising efficiency in cargo and load handling.

MacGregor has a strong heritage in the maritime industry, renowned for its cargo and load handling solutions. We bring added value to the industry through our equipment, services and solutions that are safe, productive and reliable.

We also strive to support maritime operations to become more sustainable through our decisions and operations, as well as help our customers solve their sustainability challenges, and continually maximising efficiency and minimising waste.

Our vision is “Creating lifetime value.”

We are a family of innovators. We have led this industry forward by new innovations and will continue to create new solutions for our customers’ evolving requirements.

Our solutions and products are used onboard ships that have long lifetimes, in average over 20 years. We want to be there for our customers at every stage of the life-time of their vessels. Through our global services we ensure these vessels operate safely and meet current and future requirements.

We want to create value for our customers, shipyards and ship owners. And for our customers’ customers. For companies  dependent on safe, efficient and sustainable logistics. For everyone whose livelihood is within global maritime value chains.