Digital Twin applications support different stages of our customer’s journey

Digital twin application supports different stages in the design process and during operation. By creating a digital twin of actual vessels and its environments and applying real time simulation properties, a safe environment is offered to our customers to develop, validate, experiment and learn with a wide range of equipment, procedures and environmental awareness parameters.


Bringing the value of expert knowledge closer to customers

  • Fully customisable, advanced simulation of a wide range of operational scenarios
  • Provides a risk-free environment to practise complex and potentially hazardous manoeuvres
  • Enhances onboard troubleshooting and maintenance capabilities
  • Planned development of real-time advisory functions and portable training solutions

ON DEMAND | Using digital twins to assure safe and cost-efficient complex operations

Wednesday 9 December 2020

Through use of a wind energy industry example, Floor Meijs will provide insight in how a virtual reality digital twin enabled us to demonstrate a joint proposed solution to an end-customer. In one glance, operation safety, equipment layout, intended use and overall benefits were coming to life by demonstrating the digital twin.


ON DEMAND | Webinar: Using digital twins and simulation services to reduce operational and safety risks

Wednesday 17 June 2020

The use of ‘Digital Twin’ solutions supports customers with design verification and enhanced training through the use of simulators. In this webinar, Roberto De Gioia will outline the use of digital twins to reduce risk and overruns in complex and innovative new projects, and how simulation can help operators to reduce operational risk by offering a more advanced, flexible way to train crew.

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