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Leader in sustainable maritime cargo and load handling

MacGregor is a leader in sustainable maritime cargo and load handling with a strong portfolio of products, services and solutions, all designed to perform with the sea. Shipbuilders, shipowners and operators are able to optimise the lifetime profitability, safety, reliability and environmental sustainability of their operations by working in close cooperation with MacGregor.

People are our most valuable assets

We bring the identified MacGregor core behaviours to life and make them part of ‘who we are’. ‘Who we are’ is the basis of the culture at the heart of our organisation. It guides us on our way to reach our goals for future success.


Let’s build something great, together

Wherever we work around the world, we work together with a passion for performance and a love of challenges - united by the sea.

Underlying each and every success now and in the future is our people. People create the technology and product lifecycle solutions that make us great, our people are the ones who innovate, and people drive our business forward.

Our values

Our core values are integrity, quality and safety

  • Integrity steers all our thinking, behaviour and the way we nurture the relationships with our customers and other stakeholders.
  • Quality is valued in our processes, products and services and helps to improve our customers’ performance and our own competences.
  • Safety is essential in everything we do. 

Our united way of working is guided by our shared values.
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