Specific requirements

Understanding that the cruise sector has exacting standards is vital and the negative impact of any downtime may compromise the ship’s schedule, and even harm but also operator´s reputation. 


MacGregors designs are to be robust, reliable and easy to operate. They incorporate the latest proven technology and meet specific operating requirements and strict passenger safety rules.

Comprehensive offerings

MacGregors offerings consist of a comprehensive range of shell doors, tender platforms, lifting and loading platforms, service cranes and passenger gangways, which ensure the fast and safe embarkation of passengers and enable easy loading and unloading. All our equipment has a sleek, streamlined design and can be hydraulically or electrically operated.


Electrically-driven versions of our products are energy and cost-efficient, quiet and need little maintenance. 


For our hydraulic operated equipment, we offer GreenFluid hydraulic lubricants, an Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant (EAL). It is fully compliant with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Vessel General Permit (VGP) legislation and enables shipowners to adopt alternatives that drive the marine industry towards an environmentally-sustainable future.