Bulker Crane - Hydraulic

Based on the proven bulk handling crane, the development  focus of the new electro-hydraulic bulk crane (type GLBS) is on creating a cost-effective solution for handling applications that do not require connectivity or automation without compromising quality, safety and performance.

The GLBS is a robust and easy to operate electro-hydraulic deck crane that compliments the topseller GLB and next generation GLBE electric cranes in the range.

Hydraulic Bulker Crane

The crane offers multiple benefits:

  • Excellent positioning performance to reduce time in port
  • Prepared for grab equipment
  • Closed hydraulic system: all motions are available at the same time at full speed and load
  • Stepless and independent crane control with hoisting, luffing and slewing motions
  • All machinery is weather-protected inside crane housing
  • Level-luffing
  • SWL 30t - 36t 



Closed Loop System

All MacGregor hydraulic cranes are built upon the latest closed loop hydraulic design. 

Benefits of a closed loop hydraulic system: 

  • All motions are available at the same time at full speed and load
  • Speed control more accurate compared to an open loop system
  • Regenerative power will be obtained at lowering of load and jib
  • Fewer losses than an open loop system 
  • Less cooling needed

Crane Control System

The MacGregor control system ensures smooth, fast and stepless crane control, with hoisting, luffing and slewing motions independent of each other. This means that at their maximum capacity, GLH cranes can operate at full speed using all three movements at the same time.

The in-house system development allows individual adjustment possibilities and includes monitoring and diagnostic functions. 



Extra Features

The crane can be equipped with various functions and equipment: 

  • Power swivel with Active Rotation Control (ARC)
  • Active Pendulation Control (APC)
  • Anti-collision system
  • Auto team
  • AutoGrip – Feature for optimal filling of mechanical grab     
  • Camera system (CCTV)
  • Swing defeater
  • Power limitation 
  • Ship Motion Compensation
  • Target tracking 
  • Ships office



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