GLH cargo crane

Cranes are key equipment on board a vessel and their safe and reliable operation is critical.

MacGregor GLH electro-hydraulic cranes are self-contained units with all machinery enclosed in the crane housing. This protects them from weather, corrosion and damage. The standard GLH range covers lifting capacities from 100 to 1,000 tonnes, with outreaches of up to 36m.

All MacGregor crane designs are based on our lengthy experience and backed-up by unrivalled global service support and a proven track record of more than 13,000 crane deliveries worldwide over the past 50 years.

Each crane is tested electrically, hydraulically and mechanically before delivery.

General design

GLH cranes are designed to meet the rules of all recognised classification societies.

The MacGregor control system ensures smooth, fast and stepless crane control, with hoisting, luffing and slewing motions independent of each other. This means that at their maximum capacity, GLH cranes can operate at full speed using all three movements at the same time.

Cranes can also be supplied with the tools needed for handling specific types of cargo.

Important crane criteria

  • Excellent positioning performance
  • Long outreach at an optimum weight
  • Robust design
  • All machinery is weather-protected inside crane housing
  • Level-luffing

Crane Control System

  • In-house system development
  • Individual adjustment possibilities
  • Integrated diagnostics functions
  • Optional features available


  • Closed hydraulic system; all motions are available at the same time at full speed and load
  • Low power consumption
  • Planetary gears and hydraulic motors with fail-safe brakes

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