OnWatch Scout: predicting the potential for costly downtime

11 Sep 2018 Reading time calculated text

MacGregor OnWatch Scout is being used to predict and monitor upcoming critical issues and communicate them to offshore and merchant crane customers, reducing unplanned downtime and giving back more cost control to the operator or owner of the equipment.

The service also includes access to our OnWatch experts, who can connect to the equipment and effectively help resolve ongoing issues. 

This prediction service is based on decades of trusted, proven knowledge and technical expertise, along with the use of sensor data, which can detect changes that are not perceivable to humans. MacGregor believes that OnWatch Scout is an invaluable service tool for customers and plans to make it widely available across its equipment portfolio. 

OnWatch Scout connects equipment to advanced monitoring systems that constantly analyse component condition and predict maintenance needs. It detects if there are patterns in component state or equipment behaviour, which by experience, and artificial intelligence, can indicate the potential risk of failure. This information is then made available to the customer through multiple digital channels, which ensures an effective platform for managing maintenance tasks and continuing communication with the OnWatch experts, if needed.