Sallaum Lines and MacGregor: Enhancing Efficiency and Committed to Excellence in Maritime Transportation

13 Mar 2024 Reading time calculated text
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In maritime transportation the increased demand for efficiency and more sustainable solutions are driving the industry's future. Sallaum Lines, a key player in the RoRo shipping sector, has a strong commitment to reliability, efficiency, and sustainability. Their ambition is to revolutionise the sector by delivering seamless, reliable, and cost-effective experiences to their customers while upholding the highest standards of safety, environmental responsibility, and ethical business practices.

For Sallaum Lines, choosing the right supplier for their RoRo solution is crucial to upholding these values. Puneet Arora, Technical Manager at Sallaum Lines, explains: "Our decision to choose MacGregor was straightforward. MacGregor's reputation as a world leader supplier in cargo access solutions, offering the best design and quality in their products, perfectly aligns with our commitment to excellence."

According to Puneet Arora, MacGregor has demonstrated a deep understanding of Sallaum Lines’ unique requirements throughout the partnership. Promptly addressing challenges and meticulously examining technical and commercial conditions, MacGregor has proven to be a reliable partner for Sallaum Lines. "MacGregor's ability to tailor offerings to meet our specific needs has made them to be our preferred choice for the state-of-the-art RoRo equipment,” asserts Puneet Arora.

"The growing demand for more efficient solutions is here, and we support and help our customers to fulfil their demands. Together we have been able to improve the cargo loading/unloading efficiency, increase flexibility to carry different kinds of cargo, and improve safety by minimising manual work,” summarises Per Carlsson, Manager of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Innovations at MacGregor.

"Our experience working with MacGregor has been positive overall. We commend MacGregor for their commitment to excellence and look forward to continued collaboration. Together, we can continue to move towards a sustainable future, achieving our shared goals and leaving a positive legacy for generations to come," concludes Puneet Arora.