Gravity self-unloading systems

A bulk carrier equipped with a MacGregor self-unloading gravity system offers fast, reliable and efficient deliveries of free-flowing dry bulk commodities. Designed for both new buildings and converted vessels, each system is tailor-made to suit your vessel for maximum performance and efficiency. This system also has the ability to discharge onshore or offshore with either no, or minimal, capital investment at the receiving facility, and can be operative 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

MacGregor self-unloading gravity systems have benefited from decades of development and service experience since the first delivery of a self-unloading ore carrier in 1956.

Key benefits:

  • Advanced and well-proven technology
  • Very high unloading rates
  • Designed for newbuildings as well as conversions
  • Tailored to suit each vessel for maximum performance and efficiency
  • Environmentally-friendly operation
  • Low energy consumption
  • Low maintenance costs


ON DEMAND | MacGregor GravityVibe webinar

Here is a sneak peek of the MacGregor GravityVibeTM. GravityVibeTM is a new gravity self-unloading system that enhances flexibility and efficiency in bulk handling.


Take the opportunity to watch our webinars as on demand:

Tuesday 20 February 2024
9 am CET | 10 am EET | 4 pm SGT

Tuesday 20 February 2024
3 pm CET | 4 pm EET | 10 pm SGT

Cement handling systems

Since the 1960, MacGregor cement handling systems have been installed on over 140 on cement carriers sized between 500 and 40,000 dwt; most of these are still in operation.


Our cement handling system comprises a range of distribution arrangements, both mechanical and pneumatic, which can be combined to deliver the required function and cargo handling rates. Easily adaptable to any size and shape of vessel, the system is suitable for newbuildings as well as conversions. Overall, the system ensures the reliable and highly-efficient seaborne transportation of cement from producers to consumers all over the world. It is designed for use with range of different receiving systems and is therefore able to load and unload in many different terminals.

Dust-free material handling

The shipboard solutions for cement carriers are designed with unique screw conveyor technology, which incorporates a totally-enclosed conveying line for environmentally-friendly operation in all weather conditions.

Our screw conveyors are used both for mechanical loading and unloading of cement carriers and for the transfer of cargo between ships and shore based facilities. Screw conveyors are designed to handle powdery cargoes such as cement, fly ash and limestone powder under tough conditions. They are completely enclosed for dust-free operation.

All our pneumatic systems also offer dust-free operations.