Transloading solutions

Our lengthy experience in designing customised transloading solutions ensures that we deliver an optimised system that provides the highest rated capacities while offering proven reliability.

MacGregor have provided  complete solutions for the following type of transloading solutions

  • Floating Crane Barge (FCB): Normally one or two transloading cranes  on a barge
  • Floating Crane Terminal (FCT): A terminal normally includes one or two cranes and Self unloading equipment such as  Receiving Hoppers, Conveyors and Discharge Boom(s). This solution is normally located at one transloading point.
  • Transhippers: Normally equipped with more than 2  transloading cranes and Self unloading equipment such as Receiving Hoppers, Conveyors and Discharge Boom(s).  The transhippers have the possibility to also use their holds as storage during transport and loading/unloading.

Fully integrated systems

Whether equipment is to be fitted on a transloading barge or installed on a transhipper, MacGregor can deliver fully integrated systems that offer the best results possible.

MacGregor transloading solutions offer:

  • Optimised designs for specific operations
  • Highest capacity and system reliability
  • One partner, one contact for the lifetime of the system
  • Cost-efficient solution
  • Equipment designed for tough marine environments
  • Sustainable solutions now also with Electric Transloading cranes 


Transloading Crane - Hydraulic

MacGregor has been delivering heavy duty cranes since 50 years back in time. Designing cranes that shall be operating 4-5000 hours per Year during their lifetime.

All systems are customised for specific operational profiles and technical requirements.

The electro hydraulic versions are available in the sizes from 25t SWL to 50t SWL at a jib length up to 36 metres. In case extra outreach is needed, MacGregor has also an eccenter solution which adds 9 metres to the outreach of the crane.

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Transloading Crane - Electric

As part of our mission to support our customers with more sustainable products and solutions, we are proud to introduce the fully electrically driven heavy duty transloading crane, with the type name TCE. 

The new heavy duty transloading crane is a result of combining decades of extensive customer experience in transloading operations. The crane is based on the latest generation of electric drive system with the experience of more than 600 electric cranes delivered since 2007. 

Launching the new TCE finally closes the gap in our electric crane portfolio, and we are able to offer the most efficient cranes up to SWL 50t in this demanding segment.

The crane offers multiple benefits

  • Increased turnover capacity performance by more than 10% due to higher speed
  • Up to 50% lower energy consumption (especially during standby mode) 
  • Up to 50% lower fuel consumption
  • Potential savings in capital expenditure through reduced generator size
  • Smaller electric cables and no oil filling
  • Superior cargo handling due to higher speeds and precision control
  • Increased operator & crew comfort though significantly reduced noise levels
  • Lower maintenance costs without the need to change oil, oil filters, and hoses 
  • A sustainable choice that removes the risk of oil leakage
  • All machinery is weather-protected inside crane housing
  • Lifting capacities from 25 to 50 tonnes in grab operation

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MacGregor have designed various Hopper solutions for transshippers for vessel sizes up to 180,000 dwt. Depending on the size of the vessel and the operation, we can offer proven examples of its capabilities in delivering the onboard equipment necessary for transloading operations. We can offer capacities up to 6,000t/h or more depending on the configuration.

MacGregor is also proud to present a new development, MacGregor GravityVibe(™) which can be applied for the hoppers and will give considerable benefits to the operation.

Hopper weight and height will be drastically decreased.

  • Hit area of the hopper will be similar or bigger than standard solution
  • Will manage a wider range of difficult materials
  • Will improve the total performance of the transloading operation

Conveyors and Discharge booms

MacGregor have designed and produced Self unloading systems for many different applications and different types of material.

The discharge booms can be tailored to suit the specific purpose and we have done following solutions from 20m to 80 metre in length.

  • Fixed discharge booms
  • Fixed telescoping discharge booms
  • Travelling gantry booms

All Belt conveyors built by MacGregor are made for marine environments: robust, hot dip galvanised and adapted to the toughest operations.


Supplementary systems

MacGregor can provide a wide range of systems to the transloading systems, giving the shipowner a possibility to have one single interface for their support. Some examples of such systems that we can provide are: 

  • Hatch covers: designed for the operation (foldable or side-opening using our MacRack technology, are some examples)
  • Deck machinery: a wide range available for the vessel
  • Mooring winches: a wide range available for the vessel