Heavy Lift Crane - Electric HCE

As part of our mission to support our customers with more environmentally sustainable products and solutions, we are proud to introduce the fully electrically driven heavy lift crane (HCE) as a new member of the heavy lift crane family.

The HCE is a result of combining MacGregor and NMF’s extensive experience in the heavy lift industry. Both design philosophies were examined in detail, with the best elements then combined together to develop an industry leading design which covers lifting capacity up to SWL 1.000 tonnes.


The crane offers multiple benefits to shipbuilders, owners and operators:

  • Weight optimised by combination of NMF crane house design principles with MacGregor high tensile steel experience
  • Improved reliability and safety by redundant power supply units and additional brakes 
  • Up to 50% lower energy consumption (especially during standby mode) 
  • Up to 50% lower fuel consumption
  • Potential savings in capital expenditure through reduced generator size
  • Smaller electric cables and no oil filling
  • Superior cargo handling efficiency due to higher speeds and precision control, reducing time in port
  • Increased operator & crew comfort through significantly reduced noise levels
  • Lower maintenance costs without the need to change oil, oil filters, and hoses 
  • A sustainable choice that removes the risk of oil leakage
  • Up to SWL (safe working load) 1,000T


Comparison study

Evaluation of climate change mitigation potential of electric vs hydraulic heavy lift crane. 

  • Global warming potential (GWP) electric HCE 1000t crane: 2262 ton CO2 emissions
  • Global warming potential (GWP) hydraulic conventional hydraulic DK SL 1000 crane: 2893 ton CO2 emissions

Total GHG CO2 savings 22% and 631 ton CO2


Generation 2 Drive System

Like all MacGregor electric cranes, the HCE series is built upon the Generation 2 variable frequency drive (VFD) design. 

The advanced design is based on the latest generation of water-cooled electric motors and inverters. Also, it includes a direct motor connection for further improved power efficiency due to less power transmission losses. 


Crane Control System

The MacGregor control system ensures smooth, fast and stepless crane control, with hoisting, luffing and slewing motions independent of each other. This means that at their maximum capacity, HCE cranes can operate at full speed using all three movements at the same time.

The in-house system development allows individual adjustment possibilities and includes monitoring and diagnostic functions. 



Option for OnWatch Scout

OnWatch Scout increases the flow of information and moves support from a reactive to proactive mode, with operational data streamed directly from the vessel, monitored, analysed, and used to provide guidance on performance.

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Extra Features

The crane can be equipped with various functions and equipment: 

  • Power swivel with Active Rotation Control (ARC)
  • Active Pendulation Control (APC)
  • Anti-collision system
  • Auto team
  • AutoGrip – Feature for optimal filling of mechanical grab     
  • Camera system (CCTV)
  • Swing defeater
  • Power limitation 
  • Ship Motion Compensation
  • Target tracking 
  • Ships office



Electric cranes

Today electric cranes are needed to operate highly efficient vessels. This is valid for all types of vessels, such as bulkers and heavy lift vessels. 

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