Multipurpose Crane - Cylinder (LC)

MacGregor LC electro-hydraulic cranes are slim and have a low profile and are an ideal solution for vessel’s requiring a compact solution with good cargo handling capabilities. They are intended for various duties and their standardised modular design generates an optimised cargo handling crane with simplified maintenance needs through its lifetime.

These cranes can be equipped with the tools needed for handling various cargoes, such as containers or dry bulk materials.

The crane offers multiple benefits

  • Good positioning performance
  • Robust and reliable design
  • Long outreach at an optimum weight
  • High cargo handling productivity
  • Prepared for various cargo handling tools
  • Low height to improve ships stability 
  • SWL 36t - 45t


Closed Loop System

All MacGregor hydraulic cranes are built upon the latest closed loop hydraulic design. 

Benefits of a closed loop hydraulic system: 

  • All motions are available at the same time at full speed and load
  • Speed control more accurate compared to an open loop system
  • Regenerative power will be obtained at lowering of load and jib
  • Fewer losses than an open loop system 
  • Less cooling needed

Extra Features

The crane can be equipped with various functions and equipment: 

  • Power swivel with Active Rotation Control (ARC)
  • Active Pendulation Control (APC)
  • Anti-collision system
  • Auto team
  • Power limitation 
  • Ships office

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