MacGregor electro-hydraulic deck machinery

With extensive experience and proven technologies, MacGregor electro-hydraulic deck machinery is designed to improve safety, reliability, and performance.

MacGregor electro-hydraulic deck machinery provides significant benefits to shipbuilders and ship-owners. It is easier to install and maintain, due to a reduction in the number of components and consumables. Reliability and performance are improved by incorporating proven technologies that have been further developed to optimise weight and increase competitiveness. Operational availability is maximised and unplanned downtime minimised through the use of qualified components and the latest technology. 

Safety, which is MacGregor’s highest priority, can be further enhanced by selecting the combined windlass and mooring winch, where the intelligent control block enables safe anchor lifting and prevents equipment damage in severe weather conditions.


  • Mooring winches
  • Combined anchor-mooring-winches
  • Windlasses


Safety features

  • Overload protection by the intelligence control block for axial-piston motors. The control block constantly monitors the current load of the windlass, both in anchor and mooring mode. The system corrects itself within a few milliseconds when it detects an overload situation. Higher safety for the crew and lower risk of system failure  
  • Hydraulically operated cable lifter brake (option)
  • Auto-tension function 

Assembly, installation and Service Friendliness

Anchor Windlass

  • Divided bearing steel structure and bearing shells                   
  • Easy removal of shaft with pinion 
  • Optimised access for bolt tightening
  • Safe Lifting Eyes according to DIN 82024

Hydraulic Motors  

  • Radial piston motor (high-torque/ low-speed motor)
  • Axial piston motor (low-torque/ high-speed motor)

Chain wheel

  • Optimised weight construction with standardised geometries based on IACS

Band brake

  • Wear indicator


  • Compact and divided gearbox for easy maintenance
  • Optimised oil pan shape for less gear oil need without the risk of overheating

Pedestal bearing

  • Self-aligning roller bearings for easy deck mounting and increased lifetime. 
  • Other bearing types available upon request
  • Easy access for bolt tightening 


  • Less wear and tear by re-arranged contact zones

Rope drum

  • Stainless steel brake rim (option)
  • Easy access to lubrication points




Technical Features

  • Standard specifications
  • Pulls 160 - 350kN
  • Chain diameters for 66 - 147 mm stud link chains and roller stoppers (bigger chain diameters on request)
  • Single, double or triple drum design
  • Undivided or split-type drums
  • With or without auto-tension device
  • Radial piston motor (high-torque/ low-speed motor)
  • Axial piston motor (low-torque/ high-speed motor)
  • With pole-changing motor or frequency-controlled for stepless speed control
  • With or without remotely controlled letting-go the anchor, with automatic speed limitation
  • With or without chain length and speed indication
  • With or without remote control from ships’ sides or
  • wheelhouse
  • Acc. ISO 3730 and OCIMF recommendations
  • Different foundation types (strip, bolt, self-aligned)


Option for OnWatch Scout

OnWatch Scout increases the flow of information and moves support from a reactive to proactive mode, with operational data streamed directly from the vessel, monitored, analysed, and used to provide guidance on performance.

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