Anchor winches for fishery and research vessels

Whatever your anchor handling requirements, MacGregor offers a range of anchor winches and windlasses that can be tailored to meet them. All deliver efficient heavy-duty performance that operators can rely on.

MacGregor anchor winches and windlasses feature:

  • Chain wheels accommodating up to 105mm (4.13in) of grade 1-3 (U1, U2, U3) chain
  • Pull capacity of up to 14 tonnes
  • Brake capacity of up to 104 tonnes
  • Hydraulic or electric drive options, with single, dual or variable speeds
  • Variable constant tensioning options
  • Optional stainless steel brake drums
  • De-clutchable drum option
  • Warping head/capstan on the side of the drum
  • Manual and/or remote control brake options