MacGregor cork line stackers

MacGregor cork line stackers efficiently stack fishing net cork lines without any manual assistance, so no direct manual-handling is required. Operation is via a portable radio control, therefore fewer personnel are required on board. Both cork line and sink line stacker cranes can be operated together to achieve optimal performance.

The MacGregor cork line stacker range includes the FL-series, FLU-series and FLH-series.

All MacGregor products can be easily assembled, operated and maintained. They are built to be robust and offer high-quality performance.

Advantages include:

  • Faster, easier and cost-effective net-stacking performance
  • Remotely-controlled via a portable radio control panel
  • Safer working environment on board
  • Able to be customised with different arm systems and adapted to each vessel’s needs
  • Robust design reduces service time and downtime
  • Designed to work in harsh environments

MacGregor cork line stacker is patent-protected.

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