MacGregor sink line stackers

MacGregor’s portfolio offers innovative solutions, including a market-leading fish-handling system, for all fishing vessels.

MacGregor sink line stackers separate and lay the sink line of the fishing net effectively without any manual help. With a MacGregor sink line stacker, no direct hand handling is required, only one crew member needs to operate the stacker via a portable radio control. Therefore, fewer crew members are required on board. It is perfectly suited to having a cork line and a sink line stacker operating together to achieve optimal performance.

MacGregor sink line stackers include the GL-series, GLT-series and GLH-series.

All MacGregor products can be easily assembled, operated and maintained. They are built to be robust and offer high-quality performance.

Advantages include:

  • Faster, easier and less costly to perform net stacking operations
  • Remote-control via a portable radio control panel
  • Safer working environment on board
  • Able to be customised to each vessels’ needs;  different arm systems including telescopic arms  
  • Robust design reduces service time and downtime
  • Designed to work in harsh environments

The sink link stacker is patented by MacGregor.

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