Lattice boom cranes


The perfect solution for a demanding cargo handling environment

Crane type

Regardless of performance requirements, cranes must be robust, safe and reliable, because the offshore industry is set in some very challenging environments.

The MacGregor lattice boom crane (LBC) range is designed for installation on floating or fixed platforms and meets the demands for heavy offshore operation, in compliance with the latest edition of API-2C.

The cranes can deliver outstanding cargo handling performance in the tough and corrosive offshore environment, in climatic conditions ranging from the tropics to the Arctic.

General design

MacGregor lattice boom cranes have hoisting capacities from 50 to 300 tonnes SWL and outreaches up to 50m. The whip hoist has a capacity of up to 30 tonnes SWL.

Access to the driver’s cabin is arranged internally through the deck mounting. Emergency exit is via an outside ladder. All moving parts run in oil or grease, which ensures minimum wear and tear, with the added value of silent running.

All machinery is located inside the enclosed crane housing well-protected against the corrosive offshore environment.

Standard features:

  • Error Override (EO): if a malfunction is detected in one sensor, another sensor can be chosen
  • Manual Overload Protection System (MOPS)
  • Personnel handling on whip hoist winch
  • Constant tensioning on whip hoist winch
  • Anti-collision 3D, static/dynamic
  • Wind speed indicator
  • Level-luffing

Optional features:

  • Camera system in boom top and crane house
  • Tugger winches
  • Automatic lubrication of slewing bearing
  • Jack-ups for replacing slewing bearing on site
  • Active pendulation control (APC) on main hoist winch
  • EX-proof equipment on boom 
  • Portable service crane

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