Shark jaws


MacGregor shark jaws are designed according to Norwegian Maritime Directorate regulations (NMD 48), approved by Petrobras Shell, and are standard equipment for Maersk Supply Service and Edisson Choust Offshore. The MacGregor shark jaw is self-centering, so external centering devices are not necessary.

Key features: 

  • Each jaw can be raised and locked independently
  • Type-approved by ABS and DNV
  • Both wire and chain can be locked in the same jaws
  • Double security, link joints extend over 180 degrees, hydraulic cylinders maintain pressure
  • MacGregor shark jaws have a unique quick release system.
  • ’Jaws in position’ safety system
  • Emergency release: less than two seconds
  • Large catch and grip area
  • When open (not in use), the ‘jaws’ lie level with deck
  • Jaw inserts ensure flexible dimensions
  • No external cover is needed
  • MacGregor shark jaws have no extra locking devices.

 Optional extras:

  • Load measurement system
  • Arctic models
  • Wire spool block ( SB -100)

Shark jaw models:

  • H-100-HD SWL 100 tonnes max 3 ” Chain
  • H-200-HD SWL 200 tonnes max 3 ” Chain
  • H-200-HD SWL 200 tonnes max 3 ” Chain
  • H-360 SWL 360 tonnes max 4 1/2” Chain
  • H-550 SWL 550 tonnes max 8 1/2” Chain
  • H-700 SWL 700 tonnes max 8 1/2” Chain