Chain pulling winches


Our chain pulling winches enable the safe control of various chain sizes by limiting the load on the chain to a preset value. They can be supplied as portable units with a tailor-made foundation for installation in chain locker hatches. Chain guide rollers and adjustable guide rollers for various chain sizes are also available.

Key features:

Pull and speed: 40kN at 0 - 100m/min (for 127mm chain) or 70kN at 0 - 60m/min (for 70mm chain)

Design: reduction gear with wheel protection, grease-lubricated

Drive: a Hatlapa low-pressure motor with built-in change-over valve
and throttle valve with remote control for hauling-in/paying-out

Weight: approx. 4,200kg without motor
              approx. 5,400kg with motor