ROV moonpool system


MacGregor remotely operated vehicle (ROV) moonpool handling system offers the latest generation of ROV handling technology, ensuring reliable, efficient performance. 

Designed for harsh conditions, the system is ideally suited for work-class ROV operations down to 4,000m. All winches are fully-electric and can run at high-speed. Every critical moonpool system component has full redundancy, offering reliability even in extreme environments.

Moonpool systems comprise:

  • Active heave-compensation (AHC) ROV winch
  • Cursor winch
  • Cursor frame
  • Cursor sheave
  • Cursor rails and parking pads
  • Latch beam umbilical winch
  • Latch beam and subsea snubber
  • Umbilical sheave
  • Hydraulic power unit hatches and skidding pallet