Offshore mooring systems

Exploration and production in harsh climates require innovative thinking and reliable technology. We meet these challenges and deliver equipment designed for safe and secure operation even in the most demanding environments.

Borgholm Dolphin in storm

Our mooring systems fitted on board vessels in hurricane-affected areas, such as the Gulf of Mexico, have withstood the brutal forces that these severe weather conditions can impose.

Our commitment to continued research and development has strengthened our position as a leading international supplier of offshore mooring systems.

Pusnes offshore mooring systems

Pusnes mooring winches have developed from the steam-driven ship winches of the late 1800s to the state-of-the-art electric and high-pressure hydraulic winches of today. Many types and designs of winches, fairleads and chain stoppers have been developed over the years. Popular innovations include the Pusnes RamWinch and fairlead chain stopper.

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Offshore mooring systems