Subsea mooring connector (SMC)

The subsea mooring connector has been designed for connecting to anchor points on the seabed using a self-aligning male and female forging with simple load pin.

The subsea mooring connector (SMC) is designed to offer simple, efficient and strong anchor-point connections for mooring systems. It is an effective replacement for the more complex ball- and taper-based seabed connectors.


SMCs connect to anchor points on the seabed using a self-aligning male and female forging with a simple load pin, which is inserted by a remotely operated vehicle (ROV).

The male, connected to the mooring line, is lowered by crane into the female which is mounted onto the seabed pile or suction anchor.

A simple load pin is inserted through the female and male securing them in place; the connector can then be lifted away by the mooring line.

The SMC can be used for chain wire or rope connections at the seabed where a vertical installation is possible, such as on suction and driven piles.

The SMC can also be used to handle the piles during their installation.

SMCs are extremely simple to install, which saves time and money. Other benefits include:

  • All ROV installation
  • Resistant to dirt and debris
  • Easily disconnected by ROV
  • High fatigue resistance
  • No chemical anti-corrosion packs required

Key features and specifications:


  • All forged alloy steel construction
  • Locking device for load pin
  • Coating system as agreed with client
  • SMC can be designed to meet all customer specifications
  • 30-year operational life is typically achievable
  • Meets DNV-OS-E302 for mooring accessories and similar offshore standards

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