Shipboard cranes


Compact design, reliable performance

MacGregor shipboard cranes ensure safe, accurate lifts on board ships and offshore installations, and port-based cargo handling operations.

Cranes can be customised and delivered to meet customer-specific safe working load requirements, with various slew bearing dimensions and pedestal heights. These tailored cranes accommodate operational needs and industry regulations.

Specially-designed offshore cranes can be delivered with an operator cabin and various functions integrated within the control system, such as active heave-compensation and auto-tensioning.

To meet customer and all major class requirements, offshore-rated and merchant marine crane models are fitted with all the necessary and optional safety functions such as length and tension-monitoring, MOPS and AOPS.

Cranes are available with different boom options:

  • Fixed boom
  • Knuckle boom
  • Telescopic boom
  • Telescopic knuckle boom
  • Double telescopic boom


  • All cylinder piston rods, pins and high-pressure pipes are corrosion-resistant, with a stainless-steel option
  • Cranes are delivered shot-blasted, metal-coated, primed and epoxy painted
  • They can turn through 360 degrees
  • Cranes can be delivered with both working radius (reach) and foundation designed to suit each individual vessel’s needs
  • All have a powerful slewing system with automatic brake
  • Cranes can be controlled from the platform or can be controlled remotely via a cable or radio remote
  • They have a long service life with minimal maintenance requirements
  • A rugged construction withstands the toughest conditions
  • Extra-thick  securing links ensure crane stability and allow for a higher slewing torque
  • An electro-hydraulic power pack can be installed inside the foundation column
  • Cranes are designed to carry maximum load, even when fully extended. 

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