Rotary vane steering gear


Our high-quality steering gear is designed to be efficient and robust. If you require compact solution for large rudder angles up to 2 x 67°, a rotary-vane steering gear are ideal. Their compact design still enables all moving parts and the rudder carrier to be enclosed.

Rotary-vane steering gear is able to offer full torque across its range of rudder angles. It is suitable for all kinds of vessels starting from around 5,000 dwt.

The Porsgrunn IMO series models fulfil SOLAS requirements for oil- gas and chemical tankers above 100,000 dwt. All our rotary-vane steering gear is accepted and approved by classification societies.

Depending on the type and the size of steering gear required, the drive unit is either integral or separate and the drive can have a constant or variable pump. Frequency-controlled drives are also available. 

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