MacGregor GravityVibe

MacGregor has launched a new and augmented gravity self-unloading system MacGregor GravityVibeTM that will allow bulk carriers to deliver a wider variety of cargo, in greater volume. The MacGregor GravityVibeTM, deploys a patent-pending vibrating unloader to reduce internal friction and ease the discharge of coarse materials such as wood chips from the cargo hold.

ON DEMAND | MacGregor GravityVibe Webinar

Here is a sneak peek of the MacGregor GravityVibeTM, take the opportunity to watch the webinar recording as on demand:

Tuesday 20 February 2024
9 am CET | 10 am EET | 4 pm SGT

Tuesday 20 February 2024
3 pm CET | 4 pm EET | 10 pm SGT


Article about MacGregor GravityVibe

“Bulk carrier cargo holds are typically designed to handle a specific kind of material, meaning the ship owner is somewhat limited in the type of assignments they can take on,” said Mikael Hägglund, Sales Manager, Self-unloading systems and Cranes, MacGregor. “The MacGregor GravityVibeTM overcomes these limitations to afford owners greater flexibility when taking on new contracts, and it also boosts earning potential and environmental performance by optimising cargo capacity.”

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