Industry seeks expert opinions

24 Oct 2018 Reading time calculated text

Authorities, policy-makers, owners and operators all benefit from in-depth knowledge; after decades in the industry MacGregor is regularly called upon for its professional view, often with regard to safety

In the same way that MacGregor looks to expand its knowledge through an open collaborative approach, the industry often turns to MacGregor for its professional opinion. “There is no substitute for experience,” says Mikko Sinivaara, Technical Manager, Cargo Stowage and Securing Competence Centre, MacGregor. “As a company we have extensive knowledge in cargo handling and as individuals, many of us also bring decades of our own expertise in the same field. This is valued by the industry when access to greater technical understanding is required.

“For example, we try to ensure that classification rules are relevant, not too strict, but at the same time not too lenient, or impossible to achieve,” Mr Sinivaara adds. “Based on our lengthy experience we can offer safety guidance, advising relevant parties on how to avoid accidents and/or business losses.”

Assisting marine insurers

The Swedish Club recently sought MacGregor’s expert opinion as part of a collaborative report, Wet Damage on Bulk Carriers, aimed at tackling costly wet damage claims. The leading marine insurer credits MacGregor for its assistance in compiling the report and extends its particular thanks to Mr Sinivaara. 

Prepared with MacGregor and DNV GL, the report urges bulk carrier owners to pay attention to basic maintenance. It highlights that 34 percent of all insured bulk carriers suffered a cargo claim in 2017, which represents an increase of 75 percent since 2014. Heavy weather and leaking hatch covers were cited as the most common and costliest cause of bulk carrier claims between 2008 and 2017; with the average cost for a wet damage cargo claim close to USD 110,000. 

Drawing on his wealth of experience in hatch cover repair and maintenance for the report, Mr Sinivaara says that: “Many elements combine to produce a safe cargo handling system, including important factors such as hatch cover strength and weathertightness. Hatch covers, and crucially their sealing systems, must be properly maintained to avoid the risk of seawater entering cargo holds.”

Tailoring training packages

MacGregor is also often called upon to deliver specialist training packages. Mr Sinivaara recently conducted a tailored customer training event in Poland for Cyprus-based Intership Navigation. Attending deck officers were able to gain expert knowledge that only comes from decades of experience.