Bulk carriers

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MacGregor believes that the arrangement of cargo handling equipment on a bulk carrier’s weather deck and the cargo space layout should be designed with the highest possible level of ship productivity in mind. This makes fast and efficient loading possible, even in ports with limited infrastructure, and delivers the best return on investment.

Ship safety is of paramount importance and allows for no compromise. Many elements combine to produce a safe system, starting with features such as the ship’s layout. Other important factors to consider when enhancing safety at sea are hatch cover strength and weathertightness.

We see your cargo handling system as a whole and know how to balance all of its parts.

The marine environment is corrosive and for maximum longevity cargo systems have to be built to withstand these demanding conditions. Emphasis is placed on manufacturing either corrosion-free or easily replaceable components. Where these measures are not enough, the design allows for sufficient corrosion margins.

We know what it takes to design and manufacture cargo systems that can handle particularly demanding conditions or cargoes, such as Arctic bulk carriers, caustic soda carriers or very large ore carriers (VLOCs).