MacRack, an electric-drive system that combines drive and lift operations for side-rolling hatch covers, offers economic and operational advantages at all stages of a vessel’s life.

MacRack employs a combined rack-and-pinion drive and lifter system that makes separate hatch cover lifters obsolete. Electric operation removes the need for hydraulic pipework and other components.

Safe and easy operation

When opening hatch covers, the lifting force needed is achieved by the MacRack lever mechanism, which converts rotational movement into vertical movement. When closing, the mechanism lowers the covers and pushes them together to achieve the correct compression of the hatch cover seals. This ensures the weathertightness that is vital for the protection of bulk cargoes.

The portable operation unit allows the operator to move freely around the coaming to observe and control the operation from wherever is most convenient.

At sea

MacRack’s operating mechanism is disengaged from the panel when the vessel is at sea, allowing free relative movements between the ship’s hull and hatch covers. This is important to avoid any structural stresses, which could allow water to penetrate the cargo hold.

Ease of installation

MacRack’s modular configuration makes a standard installation procedure possible. For shipyards this means speeding up the installation process. Standard horizontal seals can be used for the whole perimeter, because the initial lift is practically straight up.

Ease of maintenance

The nature of the bulk shipping industry dictates that the potential for downtime in cargo handling equipment must be reduced to an absolute minimum. It is therefore reassuring to know that MacRack components are interchangeable and that parts can be replaced quickly, even on board or if necessary, the whole unit can be changed during one port call.

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