Kudos to Enesel, SFL Corporation and Hapag-Lloyd

23 Feb 2024 Reading time calculated text
news article

We are excited to share the remarkable achievement of the Thalassa series ships, Norfolk Express and Savannah Express (formerly Thalassa Hellas owned by Enesel Group and Thalassa Patris owned by SFL Corporation), as they embark on a new era of efficiency by upgrading their cargo systems with MacGregor Cargo Boost.

The upgrade of these vessels has been remarkable as their cargo systems have reached new heights. Through the elevation of lashing bridges, addition of Mickey Mouses, and the flexibility for a mixed stow of 20/40ft containers on deck, these ships have become even more efficient in handling cargo. “Witnessing such enhancements and the increase in cargo capacity, this is a remarkable improvement for the existing vessels”, says Erwin Derlagen, Fleet Director, Enesel.

Collaborating together with Enesel (manager of the vessels), SFL Corporation and Hapag-Lloyd on this journey to optimise the ships' cargo carrying capacity and flexibility has been an incredible experience. For a non-operative owner upgrading a cargo system may not be a frequently considered alternative, but it is a significant opportunity to enhance the vessel's competitiveness in the market. ”The impact of MacGregor Cargo Boost on the efficiency of cargo carrying capabilities is substantial so we're keen to start operating these highly efficient and versatile vessels” says Dr.-Ing. Georg Eljardt, Senior Director Fleet Innovation & Technology, Hapag-Lloyd.

We want to thank Enesel, SFL Corporation and Hapag-Lloyd for good collaboration and trusting on our expertise. Wishing you fair winds and safe seas ahead!